Meet the rebels

Ok, we design, write, read books, like nice things, talk in several languages, have ideas, sense of humor and experience. We are flexible and well – connected (we happen to know some people you might also need like good photographers and ever better stylists). We criticize (ourselves too),run in marathons and look for clients./ Projektujemy, piszemy, czytamy, lubimy ładne rzeczy, mówimy w kilku językach, mamy pomysły, poczucie humoru i doświadczenie, mamy znajomości (znamy fotografów, stylistów, realizatorów obrazu), mamy koneksje, krytykujemy (siebie też), biegamy w maratonach, jesteśmy elastyczni, szukamy klientów.

Rebel ZOO.creative studio / Warsaw Poland


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  1. I would’ve taken the Facebook like test, but I’d prefer that the terms were for a one-time use of my data [for the „like test”]. So, I am not doing it.

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